Creating Learning Organizations in Continuing Care

Creating Learning Organizations in Continuing Care was the focus of a study commissioned by the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council.

Higher levels of acuity, increased focus on community based care and changing requirements for entry-to-practice certification contribute to the demands faced by employers and employees in continuing care.  As in other sectors, there are serious shortages of workers.  In Nova Scotia approximately one third of the health care workforce is employed in continuing care settings (about 17,000 people).  These are primarily unregulated workers who make lower incomes and have fewer opportunities for professional growth and development.  The sector itself is struggling to cope with increased care needs and budgets which have not kept pace with new demands, with the results that education as a recruitment and retention tool, while acknowledged as a key strategy, has not been broadly addressed.

The goal of this project was to research and develop a sector-supported strategy that would grow human resource capacity in the continuing care sector through education, training and ongoing sector development, and to ensure an adequate and well-prepared supply of skilled workers able to respond to current and future care needs.

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