Enhancing the Quality of Workplace Communities

The purpose of this 3-year research project was to assess the social context of the healthcare work setting over time, while identifying fundamental issues related to work relationships among healthcare staff. The project consisted of 2 main components:

  1. An annual survey of staff on selected units in 5 sites (2 in Ontario and 3 in Nova Scotia)
  2. A workplace intervention (CREW) on selected units at each site in year I and year II.

The research team collaborated with healthcare stakeholders to develop, implement, and evaluate tailored interventions aimed at enhancing social interactions, support structures, and work engagement within participating hospital settings using the CREW program (Civility, Respect and Engagement at Work). For more information on CREW, click here, or visit Workengagement.Com.

The project is now drawing to a close. We are in the process of analyzing data and writing profiles, reports and journal articles. As they are completed, we will post them here.

Funding to conduct this three year action project aimed at enhancing the work life of health care providers was received the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).