Nursing Environments: Knowledge to Action

The NEKTA project, funded by Health Canada, was a two-year study of workplace conditions for nurses in Atlantic Canada. Specifically, project objectives include evaluating the extent of information dissemination from four key reports designed to reduce the health human resource crisis in Canada, determining which recommendations from these reports had been implemented and where, and identifying barriers and facilitators to dissemination and implementation. Information was gathered through interviews, focus groups and surveys.

Research Objectives

The research objectives of this project were five-fold:

  1. To determine the extent and variety of dissemination in the Atlantic region of recommendations contained in key national reports and focused on health human resource issues, particularly that of nurses;
  2. To produce an inventory of changes that have been made at the policy/workplace levels to improve workplace conditions in the Atlantic region;
  3. To identify factors that will enhance or suppress the implementation of recommendations from reports;
  4. To develop policy recommendations that would serve to overcome barriers to the implementation and dissemination of future policy initiatives;
  5. To develop a sustainable research team comprised of leading researchers, hospital administrators, policy makers, government, NGO and key public stakeholders that will build upon this research program to provide an Atlantic Canadian perspective in sustaining effective health human resources for the future needs of Canada.

The final report, submitted to Health Canada in 2006, can be viewed [here]