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Research Chair Announced

Dr. Michael P. Leiter is appointed as a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health and Wellness.

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Research Plan
Canada Research Chairs

NEKTA Launch

Dr. Michael Leiter and his research team is the proud recipient of a Health Canada Research Grant that will allow them to study workplace issues for nurses across Atlantic Canada.

Article Links

The Globe and Mail - On the Job with Wallace Immen

Two consecutive articles address the danger workplace burnout poses to our valued labour force, and strategies to improve our success dealing with workplace stress

Defusing the uncivil workplace

Workplace burnout affecting the best and brightest

Thinking Healthy Healthcare - Lessons from CREW

In the CREW research project, hospital leaders and university researchers went beyond observing the dynamics to critically evaluate what to do about it. What we discovered was a truly effective method for helping problematic workgroups to discover their potential as fulfilling workplaces.

The Nation Online (Nigeria) - Reducing workplace stress for productivity

A healthy or stress-free work environment is not achieved by accident. An entire organisation needs to be actively involved in building an atmosphere of positive engagement and personal fulfilment.

CBC News – Building a business? Get in touch with your sensitive side

It turns out engagement is really about having some level of emotional attachment to a company — as a customer or as an employee. And, naturally, most enterprises want those emotions to be positive.

The Washington Post – Sense of Fairness Affects Outlook, Decisions

For companies, managing change is very important, not only for the well-being of their employees but also because to succeed, they need employees who are engaged, enthusiastic and energized -- and not burned out.

CBC News – Is incivility a Problem in Canadian Cities?

Canadians asked if they felt various "signs of crime" — what criminologists term incivility — were a problem in their neighbourhood.

Statistic Canada – A profile of perceptions of incivility in the metropolitan landscape

Included here for reference, this paper is referred to in the previous item.

Canadian Association of University Teachers – Workplace Bullying is on the Rise

Workplace Bullying involves increasingly high stakes for employees, employers and unions caught in the middle.

Canadian Association of University Teachers – What Can We Do About Workplace Bullying?

CAUT President Greg Allain returns to the issue of workplace bullying with an eye to solutions.

Angelo Soares, Université du Québec à Montréal – When Work Becomes Indecent

Included here for reference, this paper is referred to in the previous two items.

C. K Gunsalus in Inside Higher Ed – Dealing with Bullies

Creating and maintaining an environment in which respectful professional interactions are expected and reinforced is the most powerful approach to bullying prevention.

Office Pro Magazine – Taming Workplace Incivility

Incivility, rudeness, and bad manners at work hinder productive communication and destroy workplace relationships.

New York Magazine – Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Dr. Leiter was recently interviewed for an article on Burnout in New York Magazine.

Halifax Herald – Taking the Good with the Bad

Dr. Leiter contributed to a Halifax Herald series on health care workers in the Capital Health District of Halifax.

Stanford Social Innovation – Reversing Burnout

Dr. Leiter in SSI discussing how to Rekindle Your Passion for Work.

Men’s Health – Worked Over?

Stress is part of the job. But when tension starts turning into burnout, it's time to step in and save your psyche. Read this article, published in Men's Health, that features an interview wihth Dr. Leiter about his research.

Canadian HR Reporter – CEOs Rank Health Issues as Major Concern

The costs related to employee health and wellness are emerging as one of the top business issues for Canadian chief executive officers. Read what Dr. Leiter has to say about this.

The Coast – What Do We Want?  Help.

Sean Flinn delves into mental health and the demands of career activism.

CEO Refresher – Six Areas in Which to Improve Workplace Stress

Written by COR&D team member Laura Churchill, this article makes suggestions on how to make improvements in the workplace to make it less stressful for all.

Canadian HR Reporter – Understanding & Addressing Workplace Issues

An article by Uyen Vu  explains how the issue of stress in the workplace is not the problem of the individual, but of the organization. Workplaces should focus on making changes in the workplace rather than implementing Employee Assistance Programs.



CBC Maritime Noon – NEKTA Interview

Dr. Leiter discussed NEKTA discoveries as part of CBCs Maritime Noon Discussion on September 5, 2006.

CBC Information Morning – Burnout & Workplace Communities

Dr. Michael Leiter was interviewed on CBC Information Morning at the start of the EQWC project about his research on burnout in the workplace.

WOTP Washington – Stress, Workload, Civility & Burnout

Dr. Michael Leiter was briefly interviewed on WOTP Radio News on the topic of burnout in the workplace.