Projects at COR&D

Exploring Individual Experiences of Burnout: A Narrative Study
In July of 2014 the COR&D, in collaboration with Dr. Arla Day, launched an online survey with the aims of exploring personal experiences of burnout. Stage One of the project is a survey, designed with an open ended question, in which participants can provide their own stories of what burnout is for them and narratives of their experiences with burnout. Stage Two of the project involves follow-up interviews with select participants, to gain even more qualitative information about individualized experiences of burnout.  Learn more about the project [here].

Leading Workplace Communities
In April, 2011, COR&D in collaboration with researchers and decision makers in Nova Scotia, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island began a three year research study to define, refine, and evaluate an evidence-based approach to improving First Line Managers’ (FLMs) ability to manage the social environment of their healthcare work settings.  Learn more about the project [here].

Enhancing the Quality of Workplace Communities
COR&D is conducting a three year project examining the working relationships of health care teams.  In collaboration with five hospital organizations, we are striving to improve civility, respect and engagement at work.   Learn more about the project [here].

A significant portion of the EQWC project involved the implementation and evaluation of the Civility, Respect & Engagement at Work intervention program in selcted units.  [Click here] for more information about CREW.

New Leaders Study
This study builds on the results of Heather Laschinger & Carol Wong’s previous CIHR funded study entitled “A Profile of the Structure and Impact of Nursing Management in Canadian Hospitals” (2004-2007) that investigated the profile of nursing leadership in Canada after the period of restructuring in the 1990’s (Laschinger & Wong et al., 2007). Click [here] for more.

Health Human Resources Navigator
Beginning in the fall 2010, a Nova Scotia Health Human Resource Navigator was hired, as a resource for healthcare employers and education providers. The Centre developed the job description for this position as well as the framework, background material and evaluation tools. 

Department of Health Change Leadership Project
COR&D developed a highly interactive ten month program to increase change leadership capacity in continuing care leaders and in the continuing care sector as a whole.

Developing a Safety Culture: Shared Assumptions and Interventions
COR&D, with the South Shore District Health Authority, received funding from WorkSafe BC to conduct a project to increase the Safety Culture among nursing staff. This research project tested a workgroup intervention to enhance safety citizenship among nurses.

Feasibility and Planning Study for the Implementation of a Safety Association in the Nova Scotia Health Sector
The goal of the project was to research and provide an evidence based action plan to support and inform the Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) in the development of an operational framework for a Safety Association model for the Nova Scotia Health Sector. The study has led to the creation of a Nova Scotia Health Safety Association [AWARE-NS].

NSHRF Research Capacity Awards - Research on Aging in Nova Scotia
As a result of a workshop sponsored by the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation (NSHRF), a new collaborative team was developed. The team developed an application for a Community Alliance Research Grant in January, 2009. The team looked at the quality of work life in continuing care during the transition to the new model of service delivery.

Nursing Environments: Knowledge to Action

This study supported policy research on knowledge transfer, collaborating with the major health care facilities across Atlantic Canada.  The project identified facilitators and barriers to improving the quality of worklife in hospitals.   [Click here] for the final report and summary documents, presentations and articles.  

Behavioural Health Action Network -
Louisiana Public Health Insitututes Mental Health and Substance Abuse

COR&D is partnering with the Behavioural Health Action Network to conduct a survey among service providers in New Orleans, based on the fall out of Hurricane Katrina.  [Click Here] for additional information on the project.

Recruitment and Retention
Phase I: The aim of the initial project was to build a framework to guide and inform the development of recruitment and retention strategies in allied health care. [more]

Phase II: Four pilot sites were chosen to conduct Needs Assessments and Training Sessions based on the Recruitment & Retention Toolkit developed in Phase I. [more]

Phase III: In conjunction with the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council and funding provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Workforce Development, COR&D provided training to various sectors across Nova Scotia.  [more]

Phase IV: Developed sessions conducted at four sites focused in the field of Continuing Care. [more]

Smoke Free Kings

COR&D is conducting a telephone survey on behalf of Smoke Free Kings. The survey is to determine public opinion on smoking in vehicles. Residents of Wolfville were contacted. 

Survey of Entrepreneurial Potential

COR&D conducted surveys to assess student and faculty attitudes toward entrepreneurship and career development issues.  

Directory of French Speaking Primary Health Care Providers in Nova Scotia: Phase II

COR&D completed a follow up study to the 2006 Directory of French Speaking Health Care Providers. The aim of the project was to enhance the directory and create a sustainable process for the on-going maintenance of the directory.  The directory is available [here].

Creating Learning Organizations in Continuing Care

The aim of the project was to research and develop a sector-supported strategy to grow human resource capacity in the continuing care sector through education, training and ongoing sector development. [more]

Vitality Matters

COR&D provided survey support to the Centre for Rural Sustainabily.  COR&D assisted the organization with a survey distributed to all Wolfville residents.