Our Research Team

Dr. Michael Leiter

Michael P. Leiter, Ph.D. is Director of the Centre for Organizational Research & Development & former Vice President Academic. A registered Psychologist, he has been involved in organizational psychology for nearly twenty years. He has conducted extensive research on burnout in human service organizations and has contributed to extending the concept to other occupational sectors. He maintains active collaborations with colleagues in Europe, the USA, and Canada with whom he has published in journals, scholarly books, and the popular press.

Audrey Kruisselbrink

Audrey Kruisselbrink is Senior Research Analyst for the Centre.  After an undergraduate degree in Sociology, Audrey graduated from the University of Victoria with a Masters Degree in Policy and Practice in the Health and Social Services.  She has 10 years of applied experience as a social worker for the BC government, in both child protection and services for children with special needs.  Audrey developed the directory of French primary healthcare services in Nova Scotia. She is currently working on a variety of projects with the Centre.

Frank Cheeseman

Frank Cheeseman is a graduate of Acadia University’s Jodrey School of Computer Science. Frank has several years of experience as a framework and user interface developer, has illustrated a series of early childhood educational books, and has personally planted more than 250,000 trees.