The Nova Scotia Health Recruitment and Retention Study

Project Summary

Scarce health human resources are continually highlighted as one of the biggest challenges facing the Canadian health care system.  There is a growing industry devoted to recruitment and retention strategies, initiatives, and policies, targeting these shortages.  Many of the initiatives however, have focused on physicians and nurses.  The absence of a cooperative recruitment and retention framework for other occupations led to this project:  the Nova Scotia Health Recruitment and Retention Study.  The goal of the project was to build a framework to guide and inform the development of recruitment and retention strategies that are appropriate and targeted toward “priority” health occupations within their employment settings in acute and continuing care.

Phase II

An exciting new phase of Recruitment and Retention began: a practical application of the Toolkit. Sponsored by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and the Health Care Human Resource Sector Council, COR&D will be conducting training sessions.  The project produced a tested and evaluated training package, available for health care and other sector organizations.

Download a copy of the Calculating Turnover Worksheet.

Phase III

Having completed the third phase, we have some new tools to share with you:

Download a copy of this handy preparedness presentation (PPT).

Phase IV

In Phase Four, we conducted sessions at four sites focussed in the field of Continuing Care.

Download a copy of the Final Report [here].

Download a copy of the R&R Toolkit [here].