Our Services

Staff Survey

When staff are not satisfied with their work environment, they tend to become less productive, less committed to the organization, and more likely to look for work elsewhere. The Staff Survey gives a complete, integrated picture of the workplace and attainable recommendations for improving organizational worklife, summarized in a comprehensive and clear report. COR&D works with you to develop an achievable action plan and supports you throughout the process.

Survey Development

Do you have specific questions to ask your staff? With 20 years of experience in survey development and analysis, COR&D can assist your organization in developing a clear and informative survey. Organizations often waste precious resources on surveys that are ambiguous or collect the wrong information. Basing your decisions on the wrong information is very costly for your organization in the long run. COR&D can help you develop clear items for your questionnaire which will yield the information you are looking for. Let COR&D share its expertise with your organization and maximize the effectiveness of your survey.

Consultation and Workshops on Organizational Issues

Maintaining a thriving work environment is important and challenging. Organizations can take a proactive approach and learn how to improve their work environment and avoid issues that hinder the organizational function. COR&D can work with your organization through workshops or on a consulting basis to address some key worklife issues - dealing with change, organizational wellness, and burnout. COR&D will adapt its knowledge to fit your organization's specific needs.

Focus Groups

Focus groups can be very beneficial for working with a small group or for gathering in-depth information on a specific topic. Focus groups also add to the survey process by gathering valuable input before or after a survey process. Through effective facilitation, COR&D will work with participants and draw together pertinent information on a specific topic in an open and professional manner.

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation can answer the question: Is your program meeting the needs of your stakeholders in the most effective manner? A program evaluation will assess program strengths and limitations, and stakeholder's needs. Let COR&D do a thorough assessment and present your organization with a concise summary of the evaluation.

Needs Assessment

A needs assessment is an answer to the question: Will your proposed service be effective? Assessing whether a particular program will be successful is a key step in the development of a service. It can save an organization time and money while providing the confidence in the plan. Let COR&D assess if the service your organization plans to provide is needed in the target population.

Intervention Planning and Implementation

COR&D puts information to work, improving the quality of worklife. Consultants work with client organizations to use survey result in tailoring interventions to their specific requirements, to guide implementation, and to assess their impact.